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Communion Sunday - November 3

Today we celebrate the sacrament of Communion, also known as the Lord’s supper, the story of which is found in Luke 22:7-19.

We believe in an “open table.”

We invite every believer who has publicly professed faith in Jesus to join us in this celebration. We believe by the power of the Holy Spirit, that the bread and the cup become for us the living presence of the broken body and shed blood of Jesus. We do not believe it becomes actual flesh and blood, but the spiritually living presence of God through the Holy Spirit.

Presbyterian churches do not have altars like other churches may. 

We have a table, symbolic of the Great Feast of Thanksgiving we will one day enjoy with Jesus and the heavenly host, as illustrated in Matthew 26:29 & Luke 22:16-18. WE view the cross of Christ as the final and sufficient altar, on which the ultimate sacrifice was made. 

Suggestions for Celebrating Communion

Before serving the bread and wine (non-alcoholic grape juice), the pastor will lead the congregation in a time of prayer. During this time, confess your sins to God; ways you have violated His commandments; areas of your life where you are not living by faith; things you do in an attempt to earn His favor.

While the bread is being served,

meditate on what the death of Jesus means for you; how the sins you confessed were laid upon Him and paid for with His body. Rejoice that you do not suffer God’s judgement because Christ suffered this judgement on your behalf.

While the cup is being served,

let it wash away your guilt, much the way we are washed spiritually by the blood of the Lamb (Jesus). One day, you will feast with God and all that your heart desires will be fully satisfied. Take this time to confess specific things that capture your heart more than God (approval of others, success, your family, etc.). Rest in His presence.

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