What's Next in Women's Ministry

by Shannon Basso, Director of Women’s Ministry

As Christ’s church, we are the “called out ones.” The ones called into relationship with Him to love and be loved, and then called out to share His love with the world. 

As Christians, we study the Bible to be prepared for this call. But in some ways, Bible study has become synonymous with personal spiritual growth rather than being a catalyst to go and make disciples. Of course we want to be growing in our love and knowledge of God, but the purpose of this growth is not only for ourselves; it is for our neighbors, our families, co-workers, our city. 

This Fall, Women’s Ministry is offering FOLLOW ME, a Bible study and discipleship intensive that engages all of us —head, heart, and hands— in following Jesus into the world. It’s the kind of discipleship that asks us to commit deeply to knowing God and each other so that the body of Christ will be built up and equipped for the work of ministry.

Reasons why I’m really excited about this intensive:

  • We will gather as a large group of women to connect and invest in ongoing, intergenerational relationship with each other. 

  • We will have live teaching that encourages real-time, line by line engagement with the Biblical text.

  • We will have formative time to be still and discern how we are personally being called to follow Jesus.

  • This class will include a personal mentor element—YAY. This has been a major request for many years & we’re going to do it!

  • It’s going to be FUN!!!— to be together, learn together, and grow together. 

How this study will be different

In preparation for our renewed Women’s Ministry, I met with a few trusted mentors to help me create a curriculum that would align with First Pres’ clarified mission to live as God’s people “sent” into the world, i.e. live missionally. Our desire is to disciple women with intention and, in turn, prepare them for ministry in their own spheres of influence.

Paul’s instructions in Ephesians 4:12-13 guide us to the purpose of Women’s Ministry: “to prepare God’s people for the work of ministry.” When we gather, our focus is building up the body of Christ so that we “grow up into Christ” in every way. 

I know personally that this process of growth comes with a commitment and a cost. It takes a mind and heart invested in seeking to know God and others. It takes time and it takes community. Growing to be like Christ doesn’t just happen.

For this reason, our first offering from Women’s Ministry is a high commitment, deep dive into discipleship. FOLLOW ME is a Bible and Discipleship Intensive class from September to April. When you register, our expectation is that you commit to stay the full course with us. Live teaching and mentoring are core components of the experience, and we need to honor the time of our teachers and mentors with full participation.

We know this level of commitment isn’t for everyone in this season. But there are great opportunities for Bible study and discipleship right where you are! I’m happy to help you set up a home study with friends and neighbors or point you to some women’s groups that are open to join.

My prayer is that no matter your season or stage of discipleship, you’ll simply jump in! I’m here to help however possible.

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