Connect with Your Neighbors

by our Director of Connecting Ministry, Cameron Hughes

As a church family, we know one of the ways we’re seeking to grow together is in community: with our friends, church family, and across generations. Jesus modeled a few beautiful ways to get to know people, and one of our favorites is in sharing meals with friends and strangers.

Neighborhood Dinners will start the week of September 29 and run through November 9, and are a simple way for two of our church’s priorities and two of our values to converge: as a church, we are committed to living missionally in our neighborhoods, to cultivating radical affection and accountability with one another, and building on our love of the city and our church family.

Let’s eat

The beginning of both better community and loving our city is easy as having dinner with your neighbors! No tricks, no special programs, just dinner and conversation. We’re asking for your dinner group to get together 4 times over a 6 week period for a pot-luck style (or Chipotle) dinner and to get to know each other. Whether you’ve been at First Pres for many years or you’re brand new here, we want to help you get to know your church family in your own neighborhood.

Which neighbors are we talking about?

Neighborhood dinners are open to anyone. Due to space limitations, some groups may only be open to adults, but many are kid-friendly. (You can even sort by “kid friendly” when you sign up for a group.) Each group will share the dinner responsibilities, so don’t panic if you’re not a chef. Hosts will choose the meeting time and date for the first dinner and will schedule the other dinners with their group.

Signups are now open, and we have hosts ready.